Why Embrace?

The story continues about my sister. 17 Months after loosing her son Bryce, Susie suddenly lost her husband Tim to a brain aneurysm. The boys only had time to quickly say goodbye to their dad. The songs I wrote for her and the boys on "Embrace" are: "Someday" + "Forever." Remembering... Tim and Bryce. 

Embrace was released in August 2012. Embrace is acoustic based album with 16 songs including two cover songs. My sister Mina Lewis sang "Aint No Way" by Carolyn Franklin and I covered, "At Last." Most of the pieces are my writing; and two pieces were co-written by myself and Linda Corey, who overcame breast cancer and wanted to share her poetry, which now are lyrics to "You Can Win," and "Pages Of My Heart." Stephanie Kuglin wrote the song, "Kiss Me Again." Mina wrote her first piece, "Rooted Love." Local artists & musicians featured on this album are: Aleah HarveyJake Ilika, Scott Lochner, John Stampka, Jim Trouten & Rich McDonald.