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Amanda Grace has released two albums and an EP. She’s currently working on an alternative pop EP to be released this fall. For Amanda’s solo and children’s performances, see her upcoming events. She also plays with a women’s contemporary folk band called Wildflower.

Listen to Trains, Cars and a Trip to Mars.

Listen to Trains, Cars and a Trip to Mars.

Listen to Embrace.

Listen to Embrace.

Listen to Keeping Hearts EP.

Listen to Keeping Hearts EP.

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Better Life Single

by Amanda Grace

Amanda wrote Better Life the summer before writing Los Angeles, but without a strong finish. She returned to her Los Angeles producer to achieve a similar feel and complete it. Amanda’s work on Better Life led to a decision to release her upcoming EP in early 2018.

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Upcoming projects

Amanda started a kickstarter campaign last year and had some success! She hopes to create a second kid's EP called, "Music Makes It Right." If you feel you'd like to help make this happen, donate via PayPal here: Thank you for your support of independent artists! 


live music

Amanda or her band Wildflower can be booked for your school, college, house concert or special event. Use the contact page for more information.