About a Boy

My first album Trains, Cars & A Trip To Mars was started in the fall of 2009 as I began songwriting to entertain my children at home and in memory of my nephew Bryce. He had a remarkable attitude during his fight and was an inspiration to MANY. Unfortunately for us he had a different path to take, and soon after his death my sister lost her husband as well (Tim, 2008). BUT... after a few years I am happy to report our sister is now happily remarried and just delivered her 6th little boy.

Bryce's song on the album is called, "Rainbow Skies;" inspired by the stain glass rainbow themed window at the children's hospital in Rochester. The story his mom often tells about Bryce and his battle with leukemia is on the day when he was to be sent home (for good) for hospice care. After two failed bone marrow transplants from his brother; and at the end of his road and very weak, he fought with his parents about not going home right away. He explained that he had been given some money that his classmates had put together for him and insisted that the money be spent on gifts for all his friends he'd made during his long stay at the hospital...  "Bryce will know what to do with it," his classmates from Goodhue had said.. and they were right - he did. I believe that the song "Rainbow Skies," was a song meant for him; to carry on his compassionate spirit and positive attitude during difficult circumstances. I know that his story has changed me.

It includes "You Are My Sunshine," featured in Parents Magazine in 2010.  The rest of the songs were inspired by some funny or sweet moment I had with my kids at home. The songs towards the end of the CD intentionally slow for infants and young children. To see and support the legacy of this family: https://www.facebook.com/HoldingHopeBags