Keeping On, Keeping Hearts

In June 2014, I released my first EP called, "Keeping Hearts." It is a warm blend of romantic rock originals. This album was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign funded by my fans. I am overwhelmed by your generosity and support... Thank you for your support and pushing me to keep releasing my music!


My favorite song on Keeping Hearts is, "Love Is Falling." I think I was engrossed with a bunch of different challenges in my own life, but I was also reflecting on the hardships faced by some kids and single parents when I wrote it. 

"Hey Now" is a lazy love song covered by Wildflower, my women's contemporary folk group. "Call" is a light rock love song with a killer solo by local guitarist Jim Trouten.  "Arise" is my solo piano piece about conquering personal obsessions. I think everyone goes through periods of time where we run into ourselves into moments of madness and need to break away from whatever thoughts or actions that are keeping us hostage.

I wrote "Running Down The Sun" after hearing about a woman (The Huntress, AKA Sarah Hunter) trying to overcome her history of substance abuse through the pursuit of athletics. Thank you for you telling her story and supporting her upcoming documentary. Finally, "Soul 90" is my first official gospel release, although I have been writing other pieces that are unreleased.

UPDATE! Sarah has qualified for the AG World Triathlon Championships in Sydney - consider helping with her travel costs here:

Youtube Update on her competitions:

Click below to follow her Facebook updates; absolutely inspiring.



Why Embrace?

The story continues about my sister. 17 Months after loosing her son Bryce, Susie suddenly lost her husband Tim to a brain aneurysm. The boys only had time to quickly say goodbye to their dad. The songs I wrote for her and the boys on "Embrace" are: "Someday" + "Forever." Remembering... Tim and Bryce. 

Embrace was released in August 2012. Embrace is acoustic based album with 16 songs including two cover songs. My sister Mina Lewis sang "Aint No Way" by Carolyn Franklin and I covered, "At Last." Most of the pieces are my writing; and two pieces were co-written by myself and Linda Corey, who overcame breast cancer and wanted to share her poetry, which now are lyrics to "You Can Win," and "Pages Of My Heart." Stephanie Kuglin wrote the song, "Kiss Me Again." Mina wrote her first piece, "Rooted Love." Local artists & musicians featured on this album are: Aleah HarveyJake Ilika, Scott Lochner, John Stampka, Jim Trouten & Rich McDonald.