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Rayne Angel Digital Release Day

   Rayne Angel by Amanda Grace is a flavorful and diverse full length alternative based album. It is no surprise that Grace has kept developing her own taste in music; ranging from alternative rock to folk rock. Rayne Angel is a truly Minnesota made album; all vocal pieces captured in her own home. 

   Amanda brings forward a number causes close to her such as human trafficking, and children and families in constrained circumstances in relation to torn political environments. She calls into focus the necessity for all humans to live with compassion and with mindfulness of each other. 

  The feature track, “Rayne Angel,” was inspired by a young girl introduced to Amanda while she was on tour in 2017; and was written to inspire personal growth in the midst of callous circumstances. 

Amanda Grace CD Release w. Illusion Valley, and Katy Vernon Band

7PM  Hall  $1o ADV/$15 DOS  18+